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What is Priest Lake known for?

Priest Lake is located in the northernmost portion of the Idaho panhandle, with the northern end of the lake extending to within 15 miles of the Canadian border. Noted for its exceptionally clear water that is fed by streams cascading from the high Selkirk peaks reaching as high as 7,709+ feet (South Selkirk Crest), while the lake sits at a height of 2,438 feet above sea level. The main body of Priest Lake extends north/south for 19 miles with a width of 2.5-3 miles for a total 26,000 acres plus an additional upper lake that stretches 3.5 miles long connected to the lower lake by a 2.5-mile-long thoroughfare. It is considered “Idaho’s Crown Jewel” due to its location atop Idaho, along with its stunning mountains and brilliant lake views that will be engrained in your memory forever.

Priest Lake is a year-round family friendly and vacation and retirement destination, as well as the perfect place for boating, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, hunting, cross-country skiing, foraging for morels, and picking huckleberries! The sky isn’t even the limit with two local, grass runways stretching as long as 4,220 feet (0.8 miles). Priest lake has over 450 miles of hiking/ATV trails in the summer and snowmobile trails in the winter, along with copious fishing streams, rivers, and adjoining lakes. The area’s spectacular backdrop, coupled with plentiful recreational opportunities, make Priest Lake a memorable experience for all.

Some say Priest Lake’s brilliant views and extravagant mountainous terrain is life changing and will remain in their hearts forever. Discover what Priest Lake can be for you. Explore to your heart’s content with some of the links listed below, there are many more, but I have saved some hidden for us locals!

Viewing Wildlife

Areas for Viewing Wildlife at Priest lake


Areas for Picnicking at Priest Lake Area

RV Camping

Areas for RV Camping at Priest Lake Area